Shadeeco is a shade that is built by beach lovers for beach lovers. We are an outdoor company founded in 2018 whose main objective is to make your life outdoors even better.

Shadeco on the grass


Riding bicycle with shadeeco backpack


Our core vision is based around humans giving back to our planet. Every day, we work to become more environmentally friendly in our products.

We are constantly looking for new ways to become a more sustainable company.

Model with backpack on swing


Shadeeco is constantly innovating our products to bring you new ways to enjoy the outdoors. Creating new and improved products means we
will always be there for you now and in the future.

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Model with backpack on beach guy
Girl model on stairs with backpack
Two shade tents joined together
Girl lounging on a hammock
Guy setting up hammock
Walking on beach with backpack


We are launching our first production line on Kickstarter this spring, by signing up we will keep you informed about our launch.

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